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Your Hospital Statement
Your hospital statement provides:

     An account summary for the type, date and location of service you received.
     Payments/adjustments and your current balance owed.  
     If insured, the insurance billed for the current visit will be listed at the bottom left side of the page.  
     Hospital charges summarized into categories, such as laboratory, radiology or supplies. 
If you require an itemized statement, please contact the Customer Service department.  
Please note that physicians and other professional providers bill their fees separately from the hospital.  You may receive bills from other professionals who assisted with your treatment (i.e. radiologists, anesthesiologists, pathologists).
Forest Health Medical Center will bill all insurances, however you are ultimately responsible for all charges. Understanding your insurance policy is very important when making the right choice in choosing your healthcare provider.  For maximum benefit coverage you will need to confirm the providers who are considered In-Network/Participating with your health plan.
When is Payment Due?
Most insurance plans include a patient responsibility portion.  In accordance with your insurance plan, we expect the portion that is the patient’s responsibility to be paid at the time of service. This includes deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, fees for non-emergent, non-covered services, cosmetic surgery, and past due balances on outstanding accounts.
For Your Convenience
Forest Health Medical Center offers an interest-free 120-day payment plan option (down payment and approved payment parameters required). You may also set up automatically recurring payments. Contact a patient account representative for more information by calling 734-547-1180 or 800-282-0066. Download Automatically Recurring Payment Agreement


Billing Questions? Call Patient Accounts:  734-547-1180 or 800-282-0066