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Forest Health Medical Center

Lynne, Registered Nurse First Assist, Operating Room

Lynne has been a member of the Forest Health Medical Center team for 10 years. She loves her job because of the people she works with and the patients she is able to help. 


Lynne always wanted a career in medicine and fell in love with the operating room early in her career. Throughout the years, she has learned a lot from the surgeons she has worked with and the many cases she has helped with. Lynne shines in her role at FHMC assisting with surgeries.


Her stability doesn’t only pertain to her work at FHMC, but she and her husband have just celebrated 22 years of marriage. Their two boys keep them busy with hockey. The older is a sophomore at Michigan State University and the younger is a junior in high school.  As the lone female in her family, it is not surprising that she has embraced enjoying sports with all three of her boys.


Helen, Certified Nursing Assistant

Helen has been part of the Forest Health Medical Center team since 2008. She brings a never-ending smile, wit, and sense of humor with her to work each day—brightening up all she encounters. 


Helen has worked in nursing since she was eighteen—it is just the right fit for her. She especially enjoys helping people after surgery when they are counting on her. She loves it when bariatric surgery patients stop back in months after their surgery, and they have been totally transformed and are self-confident.


Helen has a beautiful accent from her roots in England. She moved to Michigan in 1999. She has been married to her husband Steve for 24 years. They have two children, David (age 22) and Kelly (age 20).


In her spare time, Helen loves to read and watch murder mysteries and to garden.


Patti, Receptionist

Patti has been part of the Forest Health Medical Center team for 13 years. It’s a good thing that she thrives on having a variety of different things to do because she has taken multi-tasking to a brand new level; greeting patients as they enter the hospital, preparing charts, scheduling appointments, and collecting for the lobby store sales, just to name a few of her responsibilities.


Working with patients and seeing their improved health and success are what motivates her.


Outside of work, you’ll find Patti outdoors walking, bike riding, and gardening. Her older son, Brian, is a senior at Ferris State University majoring in Criminal Justice. Their dog, Marty the Beagle, attends Ferris State with Brian. Patti’s younger son Kevin works full-time at Home Depot. Rylee the Beagle keeps her company at home.


Janet, Registered Nurse

Janet has been part of the Forest Health Medical Center team for 11 years. She heads in to work while most of us are headed home, to provide exceptional care throughout the night. She chose nursing as a career to lend a helping hand to people.


She enjoys working with her co-workers at FHMC, who in her words, “are wonderful people with the same passion and goal of providing quality nursing care.”


Outside of work Janet enjoys spending quality time with her husband and two teenage children. She also has a passion for reading.


Jo, Admissions Supervisor and Surgery Scheduler

Jo has been a part of the Forest Health Medical Center team for 11 years. In addition to her current position, she has contributed to the organization’s information technology department, electronic medical record system, and process team. Her in-depth knowledge, commitment to excellent customer service, and willingness to accept new career challenges make her an invaluable staff member.


Jo has always enjoyed healthcare because of the opportunity it provides to care for people. Jo finds working with the bariatric surgery patients especially rewarding since she has also taken that journey. She is happy to share her experiences with weight loss surgery.


Outside of work, her time is dedicated to her two wonderful children and to the apple of her eye, her first grandson. It puts a big smile on her face when he fondly refers to her as “NeeNee.” She loves the role of grandmother and is totally enjoying her grandson.


Carole, Registered Nurse

Carole has been part of the Forest Health Medical Center team for 9 ½ years. It is evident that she really enjoys her work and takes pride in making a positive difference in peoples’ lives--impacting them in a way that allows them to live a healthier life.


Nursing is a perfect fit for Carole because it is constantly changing—feeding her appetite for learning. Meeting and interacting with many different people who have all kinds of interests makes every day an adventure for her.


Outside of work she spends time with her husband, two children and three grandchildren (who are so much fun). Gizzy, so named because he looks like Gizmo from the Gremlins movie, occupies an honored place in their home as head kitty cat.  Carole also finds time for baseball, golfing, gardening and sewing.

Laura, Pre-Op Charge Nurse/Recovery Room Nurse

Laura has been working at Forest Health Medical Center for more than 3 years. She loves working at FHMC because it is a small facility where everyone knows each other, works together as a team and supports one another.  She finds it more like working with family than just a crowd of strangers.  Laura loves the patients and the interactions they have together.


Not surprisingly, Laura chose nursing as a career because she loves being around others, helping and caring for people. 


At this point in her life, Laura works full-time at FHMC and has four children (Emily-15, Andrew-13, Allison-13, Ethan-9) and 2 dogs—Drake and Molly—leaving little time for personal interests.


Despite the demands for her time and attention, Laura’s supervisor describes her as someone who always shows up to work with a great attitude, works well with others, and truly cares about her patients and those she works with.