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Laura has been working at Forest Health Medical Center for more than 3 years. She loves working at FHMC because it is a small facility where everyone knows each other, works together as a team and supports one another.  She finds it more like working with family than just a crowd of strangers.  Laura loves the patients and the interactions they have together.


Not surprisingly, Laura chose nursing as a career because she loves being around others, helping and caring for people. 


At this point in her life, Laura works full-time at FHMC and has four children (Emily-15, Andrew-13, Allison-13, Ethan-9) and 2 dogs—Drake and Molly—leaving little time for personal interests.


Despite the demands for her time and attention, Laura’s supervisor describes her as someone who always shows up to work with a great attitude, works well with others, and truly cares about her patients and those she works with.